Located high above the BUKIT CINTA, by the younger generation which fittingly means "LOVE HILLS" where the most dramatic landscape not only venue for some tremendous photographs but give the couple by themselves to enginemen or to unwind after or before wedding ceremony. Bukit Cinta also known as Campuhan Hills and Campuhan Ridge, charming and pristine it's a series of rolling grass fields seating peacefully above the Campuhan river. The area is perfect for a retreat, Picnic or just simple felt enjoying the majesty of God's glory, just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud.


AMORA Ubud Boutique Villa designed to be a romance hills. Offer 15 private villas around the 50 acre's lands facing the wonderful valley, a series of rolling grass hill. Each villa is unique, designed with romance in mind thus love is in the air. Temple is the main inspiration of the building. Physically, triangle roof is modification to be fit the theme while not abusing the holly/original meaning of the temple itself. A visit to a temple for Balinese is an answer for everything. In this case, we follow the idea that we create a place where we provide an ambiance for couple looking for place to repair the relationship, to tighten the relation or to tie the newly begin relationship.