Amora Ubud is located within a creative community that has long been known for its art, culture and natural beauty. Although tourism has brought global attention to the area, Ubud is still a charming Balinese village where daily life is influenced by colourful ceremonies and symbolic rituals.

Historically, Ubud was first settled by an Indian guru who was drawn to the sacred energy at the meeting point of two rivers in a place called Campuhan. It was here he built a temple that has been a centre of power since the 8th century. Now hundreds of years later, Ubud remains a destination of great prominence supported by a thriving hospitality and wellness scene.


Amora Ubud has been designed to follow the natural contours of a valley landscape that is enveloped by towering coconut palms and exotic flora. A conscious decision was made to keep the entire property small and personal. Therefore, it comes with a sustainable footprint to harmonise with the surrounding environment.

Although there’s a distinct emphasis on romance, the primary source inspiration for all villas at Amora Ubud is traditional Balinese temple architecture. Certain elements of this religious structure have been reinterpreted in a modern way to create a series of peaceful spaces without detracting from the sacred meaning of the temple itself.


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