Exploring Balinese Culture: Trekking and Purification Tour in Sebatu with Amora Ubud

bali rice fields

On April 7, 2024, Amora Ubud, a luxury villa retreat nestled in the heart of Ubud, Bali, organized a unique and culturally enriching experience for its guests. The event, titled “Trekking and Purification Tour in Sebatu,” aimed to immerse participants in the natural beauty and spiritual traditions of Bali.

The day began with a serene morning walk through the picturesque Sebatu rice fields, offering guests a glimpse into the ancient subak system that has sustained Balinese agriculture for centuries. Spanning over 2 kilometers, the subak system is a testament to the intricate irrigation techniques employed by Balinese farmers.

Following the tranquil trek, participants were led to Pengelukatan Sebatu, a sacred site renowned for its purification rituals. Here, guests had the opportunity to partake in a purification ceremony aimed at cleansing the body, mind, and soul of negative energy. Led by experienced Balinese priests, the ceremony involved traditional prayers, offerings, and holy water blessings, creating a profound sense of spiritual rejuvenation.

Guests expressed deep appreciation for the opportunity to engage with Balinese culture in such an authentic and meaningful manner. Many remarked on the beauty of the Sebatu rice fields, noting the tranquility and serenity that permeated the surroundings. The purification ceremony, in particular, left a lasting impression, with participants describing feelings of inner peace and spiritual upliftment.

The trekking and purification tour organized by Amora Ubud on April 7 provided guests with a rare opportunity to connect with the natural and spiritual essence of Bali. Through immersive experiences such as walking through the Sebatu rice fields and participating in a purification ceremony, participants gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of Balinese culture. Amora Ubud’s commitment to offering unique and enriching experiences underscores its dedication to providing guests with unforgettable moments of tranquility and self-discovery.

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