Preserving Tradition: The Majestic Bade Installation for Tjokorda Bagus Santaka’s Pelebon Ceremony

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In the picturesque setting of Ubud, Bali, a time-honored tradition is set to unfold—a grand pelebon ceremony to bid farewell to the late Tjokorda Bagus Santaka of Puri Saren Kauh, a revered figure in Balinese society. Scheduled for Sunday (14/4/2024), this ceremony has captured the attention and dedication of the local community as they prepare for the solemn event.

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Central to the pelebon ceremony is the construction of the towering bade, a cremation tower that will stand an impressive 25 meters tall with nine tiers, symbolizing the passage of the departed soul into the realm of ancestors. What makes this bade truly unique is its entwining with the banda dragon, a distinctive feature reserved for royal families, showcasing the rich heritage of Balinese culture.

Overseen by Tjokorda Gde Raka Sukawati, an esteemed architect and undagi, the construction of the bade is a collaborative effort taking place across three locations: Catus Pata Ubud, Lembu Cemeng at the family temple, and Naga Banda at the Campuhan Palace. Community members join hands with skilled craftsmen to ensure the timely completion of this monumental structure before the climax of the cremation ceremony.

Tjokorda Gde Raka Sukawati, affectionately known as Cokde, emphasizes the significance of the bade’s dimensions and design, paying homage to Tjokorda Bagus Santaka’s profound contributions during his lifetime. As a seasoned undagi artist and coordinator, Cokde ensures that every detail aligns seamlessly to create a fitting tribute to the departed.

The procession of the bade from Catus Pata to Setra Dalem Puri, covering a distance of one kilometer, is a testament to the unity and support of the local community. Thousands gather to participate in this sacred journey, underscoring the profound respect and reverence for Tjokorda Bagus Santaka.

With the impending peak ceremony, organizers anticipate a significant turnout of both locals and tourists, extending an open invitation to witness and partake in this cultural spectacle. Traffic arrangements have been coordinated with local authorities to facilitate the smooth flow of the procession, ensuring minimal disruption to residents and travelers alike.

As preparations culminate, it’s a poignant moment to reflect on the life and legacy of Tjokorda Bagus Santaka, whose passing at the age of 64 has left an indelible mark on Ubud and beyond. The series of rituals leading up to the pelebon ceremony serve as a fitting tribute to his memory, with each step imbued with deep symbolism and spiritual significance.

The nyiramin ritual on Buda Paing Krulut, followed by the ngaskara procession and the consecration of the Naga Banda, pave the way for the grand finale on Redite Umanis Merakih at Setra Dalem Puri (Peliatan) on Sunday (14/4/2024). It’s a moment of unity, reverence, and celebration as the community comes together to honor and bid farewell to one of their own, preserving tradition and embracing the spiritual journey ahead.


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